Sangeeta Raythatha

God’s Role in my Life

Sangeeta has been a full hands-on mum to her son, Viral, who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 7. She believes that God and Brahma Kumaris helped her to overcome numerous hurdles in her life.

My son Viral was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age 7 and our life became fully devoted to giving him the best care. After coming in contact with Brahma Kumaris, I was able to overcome many hurdles and give Viral the best care, ensuring his progress.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy results in deterioration of muscles leading to inability to walk and increasing dependence on others, at times resulting in death in mid- twenties.Though it is considered incurable, if we heard of any form of therapy, be it stem cell transplant, acupressure, acupuncture, physiotherapy, magneto therapy, reiki, massage, pranayam, ayurveda or homeopathy, we would hasten to try it.

I did not let his disability affect his studies, always encouraging him. I was his constant companion taking daily study notes from his friends, turning pages of heavy books, staying up at night, taking him for his exams and so on. This has resulted in him being an Actuary, 1st in India in a subject, standing 1st in XIIth Board Exams, Maharashtra (Handicapped Category), a school & college topper, a silver medalist in National exam in Std. IX. He has also worked for Kotak Life Insurance from home for 2 years.

It wasn’t easy to see an active child participating in skating and dancing suffer from a degenerative disease. It was painful seeing his muscles degenerating and his activities reducing, unable to do anything and also knowing the ultimate fate of the disease.

Along with physical care I wanted the best spiritual care for Viral so that he could cope up with the disease. I contacted many spiritual and tried meditation. Then, by chance, I came across Brahma Kumaris through BK Sister Shivani on TV and, through her, to faith in God and Rajyoga Meditation. Viral embraced it powerfully and is making quick progress. He took regular spiritual classes at the Centre whenever he was physically able to. He now pens articles in World Renewal Magazine which is read by lakhs of people. So, thanks to God, I have no worries of his future as he is in God's hands now. Recently, he had a lung problem. To save his life, he underwent tracheostomy surgery and survived.

Spirituality has played an important role in my life after coming in contact with knowledge and Rajyoga of Brahma Kumaris. It has refined my personality. I am much happier now. I realise we waste our energy and time in petty matters. Now, I am able to focus on myself and my aims rather than on others. I accept that people have their own perspectives. We shouldn’t stop loving and respecting others even though we receive nothing in return. Close contact with God and experience of His virtues of purity, peace love gives us power. Knowledge of Karma makes it easy to accept situations.The power of the sub-conscious mind which is active a few minutes after waking and before sleep results in fulfilment of thoughts we create at this time.

I have realized thoughts are my independent creation, my mind is 100% free to create and maintain as many elevated thoughts as possible. The knowledge that we are actors playing accurate parts based on karmic accounts has made me change from expecting to accepting,from blame to responsibility. I realise I'm unique with my own set of karmic accounts and sanskars. Adjusting has become easy by realising it is a virtue and tolerance is strength. One’s state of mind affects one’s cooking, as vibrations enter the food we cook.

I have been able to overcome personal physical challenges. I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. I did 10 days of focused Rajyoga, ie taking in God's energy and directing it to the affected area. The doctor saw my dramatic recovery and was amazed.He stopped medication. He said it was the first time he had seen a frozen shoulder recover so quickly and would recommend Rajyoga to patients. I was also diagnosed with lungs fibrosis, which needs heavy steroids to control it. In 3 months I made an amazing recovery. My lungs were working 80% and the fibrosis had reduced. On my 3rd visit, my lungs were found to be normal with no trace of fibrosis the doctor said that such recovery is rare.

My mother had 4th stage cancer. Living afar and in deep pain, she would call me. I would instantly do rajyoga and channelise God's energy to her mind and body. In a few minutes, she would get instant relief & sleep. My relatives were amazed at the far reaching effects of Rajyoga.

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