Manveen Kaur

Hobby in a Box

Having been brought up in a family where handmade clothes were cherished and used, Manveen believes that the joy of 'Do It Yourself' is invaluable. Besides, her start-up, 'Hobby In A Box' has empowered multiple women.

As a child, I never wore store-bought clothes; my mother made everything for all seasons, be it summer or winter or monsoon. My grandmothers and aunts were all adept in some skill or the other apart from their regular jobs and chores. I never gave it a second thought then but now I crave for the bedsheet handmade by my grandmother or sweater crocheted by my mother.

I believe that everyone aspires to create something handmade. In the fast-paced life it is increasingly becoming difficult to do so. And the effect of the same can be seen in our dying Indian art and craft forms. No amount of YouTube videos can replace the mentorship and sage wisdom of generations gone by. With my start-up I am providing the missing link to today’s generation.

The journey hasn't been easy. A lot of things that I presumed to be assets are viewed as liabilities - my education, my age and, above all, my gender. My start-up, Hobby In A Box has conducted over 200 workshops (as of July 2017) on recycling, promoting dying crafts of India and women empowerment throughout India. We are present as a retail outlet and have a website that reaches pan India. We source our products and services from local artisans and we provide empower women by employing an all-women staff- from marketing to packaging.
Through all the test and turmoil, I still believe that the joy of 'Do It Yourself' is invaluable.

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