Mana Mohini

My Mom - My Inspiration

Mana takes great pride in describing her inspiration in life-her mother. From single-handedly taking care of all her needs, she has faced all the challenges of life bravely. Starting her work career in accounts, she progressed to marketing and is now a self employed entrepreneur proving that she is indeed a living example of strength and courage.

It gives me immense pride to share my mother's story here, for she's the reason for what I am today. She has always been a woman of determination and grit. She taught me the difficult lessons of life and what life is all about. I was raised by a single mom, and knowing what I know about her life, would like to salute all single mothers.

I have experienced the life of a single mother through her. Right from attending PTMs for me, doing the laundry, grocery, paying bills, working hard, making the best use of what she had, finding the best schools and colleges for me, giving me a good lifestyle, trying to manage time to spend with me, planning vacations, most of all ensuring that I do not miss out on anything or feel deprived, preparing for the future and most of all being answerable to the world for no fault of hers.

In a world full of challenges, she has worked tirelessly playing two roles yet never complained. Being a single mother is not only a life full of struggles but a journey of strength. Through this story, I salute her for giving me what I deserve or even more, for thinking about me first, for putting me before herself. It definitely hasn’t been a bed of roses. I owe her a whole lot for accepting the challenges thrown at her and facing every bit by herself. She is the real hero.

She was academically qualified for an accounting job, but, as fate would have it, she had to take a different path to make life more comfortable for me. She chose to become an insurance advisor besides being accounts manager in a company. Eventually, she took the risk of plunging into real estate marketing as a builder with whatever knowledge she could gather. She had only worked in a 9-5 job in an office earlier but here she was managing labour, procuring cement, bricks, sand and mud, getting tanned in the sun, doing a man’s job.

From accounts to marketing to a self employed entrepreneur of real estate, making a mark for herself in every field, she's my woman of inspiration. I dedicate this piece to her, ‘You do not know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have’ My mother is a living example of strength and courage.

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