Minaxi Mahesh Vakharia

A Versatile Genius

An efficient educationist, Minaxi is a versatile genius working on various issues like girls’ education, women empowerment, adult education, and health awareness, vocational and career guidance. These are some of her strengths which make her a great asset to the society.

Mrs. Minaxi Vakharia, an efficient educationist, is a synonym of 'hard worker.' A perfectionist, she scales tough summits and attains success. She is known for her firm conviction to cultivate moral values in young minds. She mightily trusts that 'charity' and 'social work' are basic virtues and should be included in the curriculum from the very beginning. She inspires her students, colleagues and friends by helping the poor and the needy. Along with students and teachers, she often visits orphanages, blind schools and old age homes and celebrates birthdays, friendship days and many festivals with them. Students learn to willingly contribute their share from their pocket money in the 'Social Work Fund.'

She is often found in remote rural areas, educating and catering to the needs of the people there as much as possible. She steals time from her busy schedule to teach students of Ashram Shala and the poor students of villages. She aspires to teach the tribal students even after her retirement.

Although she favours garnering education in one's mother tongue, she trains students to develop communication skills as well - enabling them to have good command over the English language.

A versatile genius, she has many awards at city, district and state level in her account. She has toiled in all phases of life, be it 12th Board Examination results, office work in school, cultural activities, Science Fair, guiding students and teachers for debates, elocution competitions, essay writing competition, and many more. And that is why success always crowns her head. Winning ‘The Gujarat State Best Teacher’s Award’, she has reached the pinnacle of her success.

She has been a good disciplinarian and a woman of principles with a proficient command over her subject. Her friendly and motherly attitude makes her a favourite among students and parents. Girls education, women empowerment, adult education, health awareness and guidance, vocational and career guidance are some of her strengths which makes her a great asset to the society.

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