Madhavi Patil

Mom Blogger And Son Vlogger Duo

Madhavi chose motherhood over a career by choice. It is a wacky journey that parents and kids can pass through which has been captured by mother and son. Wackywe is a journey of her as a blogger and her kid, Yuvaan as a vlogger.

I am a mom to a handsome 5 year old boy, Yuvaan Ahirao.

I experienced mixed feelings after seeing the cute baby in my arms and seeing 13 years of hard work coming to a halt. It is rightly said that one should understand life’s priorities and I chose to give up a blooming IT career for my little kid. Thus, the mommy’s world started for me.

Today, it has been 4.5 years since I have been on a professional break. But I have enjoyed each and every moment of motherhood with my kid.

We are a wacky duo, always on a quest for something different. I decided to capture this beautiful journey through our website It is a journey of me as a blogger and my kid, Yuvaan as a vlogger; our journey together.

In our day to day life, every parent goes through a few common questions like:
What to cook? What to do? Where to go?

We are trying to share our experiences through video reviews of kid related products, places to visit, play areas, DIY activities and so on and helping to simple parenting by answering the common haunted questions.

It's a journey of all the possible wackiness we parents and kids can do together.

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