Dipika Trehan

Enabling Upliftment Through Awareness-Realisation-Celebration

Dipika describes her journey from a young girl to a woman to a mother to finally ‘Finding HERSELF’. The founder of The H.O.W. (Health Of Women) Forum, she wishes to promote and ensure the holistic health and fitness of a woman.

Having been through phases that of a young girl to a fun-loving adolescent, a working woman to a newlywed in a foreign land, from being a homemaker on sabbatical to being a mom of two little angels and raising them abroad (independent of family support)… life, at a fairly young age, seems to have made her walk through quite a spectrum of its various colours, each time moving on from one shade to a more challenging other and so on…What’s been great is that, through each shade, her self-belief and determination made her overcome challenges with flying colours and move ahead. All this did make her go through many transitions- transitions in terms of roles, more in terms of emotions but most in terms of body! This is why a woman’s health and fitness is so close to her heart.

Dipika Trehan is the founder of The H.O.W. (Health Of Women) Forum. This forum is about her journey from a young girl to a woman to a mother to finally ‘Finding HERSELF’. It is a story of self-belief, falling and rising, the dawn of realization and achieving her dream of being physically, emotionally and spiritually fit. The H.O.W. Forum is an organisation to promote and ensure the holistic health and fitness of a woman. Our Motto: ‘Making a woman fall in love again… this time with HERSELF!’

The forum is also the conceptualiser and organiser of a grand event celebrating WOMEN@WORK , Ms. CORPORATE DIVA. The event brings forth a platform to celebrate women for their strength, substance, intellect and calibre; with beauty being just one of the elements, not the defining one. After all, there’s much more to a woman, than the cliché of mere looks!

A graduate from Delhi University and an MBA in HR from IMT Ghaziabad, Dipika began her career in training and development with American Express. Having stayed abroad for close to a decade she understands the nuances of cross cultural barriers.
Dipika started practising yoga 8 years ago and got certified as Patanjali Yoga Instructor in Mumbai. She since then has amalgamated her HR expertise, multi-cultural life skills along with yoga and conducts various corporate and non-corporate workshops (women only as well as mixed group). Her client list includes Amazon, Syngene, Unilever, MindTree, Harman, Mylan Pharma, Mphasis to name a few.

She has been a yoga instructor to reputed VIPs, a visiting faculty for yoga at AyurVAID hospitals, Bangalore and the official Yoga and Mind Strength coach to the contestants of Ms. Fitness India.

She is also the Advisory Executive Council Member of WEF (Women Economic Forum), a speaker on health, wellness and body balance at WEF 2017 and India Chairperson: Wellness for All (All Ladies League), the organiser of WEF. She recently was conferred with the award of ‘Iconic Women Creating a Better World For All’ at the WEF Annual Conference in the ‘Innovating for Health and Wellness Vertical’.

Dipika is an alumnus of The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in Business, was recognised and applauded for her work in corporate wellness and fitness sector by Mrs. Cherie Blair in person.

Her YouTube video on Yoga for PCOD and hormonal imbalance has over 3,50,000+ views!

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