Sapna Khemani

A Woman's Saga of Twists and Turns

Sapna is a renowned name in the field of occult sciences. Having gained expertise in Numerology, Signature Reading, Name Change, Handwriting Analysis and Palmistry she stepped towards the platform of Tarot Reading and Dowsing.

Sapna Khemani was born and brought up in Delhi. Being the eldest daughter to her parents with two younger sisters, she always had to face the pressure of being an ideal to set an example for her siblings. Due to lack of adequate support, she did not fare well in her studies.
Surpassing all the obstacles, she is now a word of mouth to everyone! Yes, hard work pays off and the same is appraised by tarot and numerology fame, Sapna Khemani. Having undergone immense struggle during her childhood to achieve a goal, Sapna is now a renowned name in the field of occult sciences.

Sapna desired to pursue the medical profession, but she was married at a very early age, while she was awaiting her graduation result. It is from here that her destiny took a turn. That same year she gave birth to her elder daughter and, living in a joint family made her life extremely challenging. She was filled with mixed feelings of happiness and dismay. A person who wanted to soar high was tied down with responsibilities but she did not lose hope and appeared for her post graduation. She fared well and by this time her second daughter was born.

Since her childhood, Sapna had always possessed some supreme powers which are beyond the reach of an ordinary person. Her mother always observed that whatever she said came true. Hence, one day while contemplating her future goals, she took a pause and focused on her inner self. She decided to practice occult sciences or hidden forces which had always been her passion. She completed her research in Numerology in the year 2006. The same year, she gave birth to her son.
Sapna Khemani has become a renowned name in the field of occult sciences which includes: Numerology, Signature Reading, Name Change, Handwriting Study, Palmistry, Nadi Astrology, Tarot Reading, Dowsing, Reiki, Vastu and Lal Kitaab. Apart from client dealings in India and abroad since 2012, she also provides classes for these studies. Honoured twice with 'Womens’ Achiever Awards and with various others for Numerology, Tarot Reading and so on, Sapna is a lady and a mother who balances her professional and personal life amazingly well.

Associated with Roti Bank, Caring Hands, Let's Give Back Initiative, Women Healers Conference, and Bombay Rivista Signora, Sapna Khemani has now fulfilled her dreams of soaring high and touching great heights. She believes that it is never too late to live a dream and good deeds are always rewarded well.

Her husband has supported her throughout and she has always tried to look after her family well. Sapna plays the various roles of being a daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mother of 3 children, sister, sister-in-law and friend with aplomb.

People also refer to Sapna as a 'Soul Energizer' due to the positivity she exudes in her personality. When asked how she has survived in this career, she says that she converted her 'Passion into Profession'.

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