Never Lose Hope

: Overcoming all struggles and difficulties in life, Radhika emerged victorious. She has become a role model for her siblings and a person her husband looks up to.

I know a courageous girl who I am lucky to have as my wife now. Radhika was born in a big joint family. She was good in studies. She received a lot of love and affection from her grandparents and other family members.

Unfortunately, at the age of 10, the family business received a severe blow. The family faced financial problems. But she never lost hope. She continued to do well in her studies. She looked after the younger ones in the family.

She was very close to her grandfather. At the age of 15, her grandfather died due to illness. She was very heart broken. But she faced life bravely and continued her studies. She gave tuitions to help her parents. After 4 years, her grandmother also died a little before her final exams. She was in her deep sorrow. But, again she managed her studies and performed well. By now, her family had recovered from their financial losses.

She completed her Ph.D. and became a professor at a government college. She has become a role model for her siblings. Her family is proud of having an understanding daughter. I am proud of her.

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