Shakuntala Pawar

The Game Changer

When Shakuntala fell in love with a person from a low caste, she was ridiculed by society. She braved through their threats and insults to fulfill her dreams, and changed their perception of her.

Shakuntala fell in love with a person from a low caste. People threatened her and spoke ill of her. Yet, she rebelled and married the man of her choice. After marriage, her fight started on a different front. Besides having to put up with the ridicule of people, she had to struggle at her new family home too. Their financial condition was the biggest worry.
Shakuntala supported her husband, as well as completed her studies and masters. She started working in multinational company, which resulted her in successful career in HR.

As time passed, she added many more achievements to her credit. They built a new big home in a good locality and shifted there. Her financial issues were resolved and society’s outlook towards her began to change.
She was blessed with a daughter. Then, the new challenge for her was to manage her job and take care of her daughter.

Shakuntala’s firmness and determination made her stronger in adverse conditions. She created a successful and happy life which is ideal. The people who cursed her in past now appreciate her for her dedication.

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