Raksha Agarwal

The Rising Star

Raksha spent her childhood struggling with her inner-self and trying to cope up with the world outside. As she grew older, more struggles followed. But just when her struggles were about to break her down, she chose to overcome her setbacks and make a difference in the world.

I was a very reserved child who only saw quarrels and fights in the family. I had no one to share my suffocation with. I grew up as a stammering, dyslexic child. Confused about what is wrong and right, each day seemed like a war to me. I grew up struggling with my inner-self and tried coping up with the world outside. Being an introvert, I had no friends to speak to. The fear of being rejected and bullied, kept me miles away from interacting with people. With poor academics, I managed to achieve my graduation degree. It seemed like a dream to me, although my teachers’ sarcasm and false happiness about my achievement was demotivating.

By the age of 25, I reached the edge of my threshold due to the environment at home. I had given up and decided to quit my life and free myself from all my struggles. That was the turning point of my life. Something changed my life completely. I decided to give more meaning to my life instead of living an aimless one. I decided to pursue my higher studies alongside my work. Since then, I never turned back to my past. I decided to overcome all my fears and weaknesses. It led to my transition from a negative to a more positive personality.

With over 100 clients sharing their positive reviews and life changing benefits and experiences, today I very proudly introduce myself as a super successful "Counselling Psychologist & Clinical Hypnotherapist". I have been practising since many years, and am someone who has brought meaning and purpose to people's lives. I shall continue doing so for the rest of my life.

Thanking the divine, for giving me this opportunity to serve mankind.

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