Dr. Sumitra Aggarwal

Passion for the eye

Sumitra always wanted to make her mark in the society. Her desire to do unique things and zeal to learn kept her on the move to achieve higher purposes of her life.

By the support of my father and us brothers, Sumitra completed her DMBS, MD at an age of 17 years and was youngest MD in Biochemic System of Medicine. She has always been studying multiple courses together. Then she did DOS, B. Optom in 2002 and did Diploma in Sport Vision from UK in 2006. She is one amongst the two authorized Sport Vision specialist not only in India but Asia. Her desire to do more in the field of Sport vision lead her to write a book Elite Sport and Vision by Jaypee Medical Book Publishers in 2008.She also has a website for Sport Vision http://www.sportvisionglobal.com/ . Her keenness to do something unique in the field of eye increased and she mastered the art of making custom made artificial eye which looks real and moves with the better eye. She decided to work in the eye field and did lot of research and now she treat incurable eye diseases like colour blindness, adult amblyopia, retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, ocular albinism, ptosis, and so many more. Her desire in the field of prosthesis increased to the extent where she mastered the art of making artificial body parts like ear, finger, nose, breast, feet, face, skin, eyelids. To add to her prostheses, she started making false silicone pregnancies for women who wants to hide the fact of surrogacy.

Sumitra presently runs Artificial Eye Co www.artificialeyeco.com as the Director.

Sumitra wanted to do more. To bring happiness to the lives of one eyed girls due to acid attack, she decided to make her NGO and give free of cost treatment to the under privileged victims and to visit and treat homes where trafficked girls are kept. She now runs an NGO Liluah Happiness Counts Society holding the post of Secretary. She visits girl schools and give awareness about eye disorders, breast examination, training on early signs of breast cancer, cervical cancer. She has also visited many hospitals of Kolkata on Women’s day, Cancer awareness month and given training on - how to survive with breast cancer and how to regain the lost confidence by the help of rehabilitation.

The best part of Sumitra is she tries to reach the mass by all means like giving awareness information in the schools, in print media, in television shows and also runs her YouTube channel where she gives awareness and information of various topics for the betterment of the suffers and their family. Her vision and thoughts are so pure that she and her works are always appreciated by everyone who knows her. And I feel happy to see that her YouTube videos have more than 60,000 views and she could reach so many more people.

Apart from being a doctor and a responsible citizen she is a mother. Being a single mother she has faced and is still facing lot of difficulties in upbringing her daughter who is 5 years old. She took it as a challenge and being a giver to the society she decided to help mothers who have similar difficulties. Learning from her experiences she has realized that other mothers can learn how to handle difficult child. To give an edge to it she underwent script writing, directing and cinematography courses following which she is now in the process of making web series movies on different topics related to handling of children starting from waking up, getting ready for school, eating, studying and so many more. She is also in a process of writing a parenting book for mothers to improve their relation with their child and will self-publish it soon. Her vision is to uplift the women who suffer and loose the charm of life and try to pass the days in darkness waiting for the life to end. Dr Sumitra’s vision in one line- “Life is beautiful. Let’s Re Live again. Come let’s join hands for rehabilitation of life.” “Don’t tell God- Why me? Tell God – Try me.”

I salute her for her tremendous effort as a good human being, a responsible doctor, a great giver to the society, an amazing mother and at the top the best sister God can give anyone.

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