Aparna Unnikrishnan

The Dancing Spirit

Dance is in her blood. Her breath. Every time life tried to break her rhythm, she danced her way back. Her say, “If there is purity in purpose and action, life finds its purest rhythm”.

In a complex world, Aparna Unnikrishnan turns to art for comfort. She believes that art is pure, and cannot be adulterated. That it takes purity to create art, and it gives pure joy to create it. And the art form of her choice? Kuchipudi!

Luckily for the purist that she is, Aparna found a guru in the disciple of Vempatti Chinna Satyam - a master performer known to be true to his art form. And with that, she grew up dancing to two beats - one, of her art form, and the other, of the house chores she had to do after her mother fell critically ill. The perfectionist that she is, Aparna never missed a step in either of the two arenas.

The dance-off between her life and her art continued as she got older. While looking for a suitable mate, Aparna found herself rejecting a number of prospective grooms because they would ban her from dancing after marriage. She found a perfect balance there too, marrying a Creative Director with an interest in art and culture. But the motions only got harder when after marriage, her father passed away, her mother fell ill and her child was born. But Aparna took this in her stride, as always!

As she aptly puts it, “If there is purity in purpose and action, life finds its purest rhythm!”

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