Samyuktha PC

The Theatre Queen

Samyuktha, is someone who loves having conversations. Travelling with a theatre crew in her childhood inspired her to become a writer, playwright, theatre director, stage manager and a blogger. Now the world is her stage.

I, Samyuktha P.C., spent most of my early childhood backstage, travelling with my mother's theatre crew, lending my face to a few television cameras, or snuggled under a thick blanket in a large editing studio, while my mother and father were working on films and serials with a variety of music directors, producers, dubbing artistes, actors, and editors.

On days spent at home, I would quietly observe the great crowds with twisted facial expressions discuss communism, the Emergency, human rights, dalits or women’s liberation depending upon the people who landed up for the whiskey, cigarettes, and my mother's famous beef fry. Art and activism were the two things that people breathed in my house. It was all about being angry with establishments, institutions, megalomaniacs, and turning out the most controversial art one could conjure up from their work-desks.

It was during my ninth standard holidays, that I understood individual choices and the spirit of activism, being away from my family. I left on a road trip around India with thirty other young activists (ANHAD Aman Yuva Yatra) talking to various people, TV channels, and reporters against communalism and embracing the right to choose by vote.

Around this same time, a sixty year old Australian poet, Ron, found me on an Internet literary social network. He started calling me, checking up on me, and kept urging me to write. He made me start my own web-log, and trained me in exploring fiction through simply watching reality.

Then, I found my one love – Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Ever since, film, theatre, writing, reading, and meeting people have become my personal obsessions, though all in the love of isolation.

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