Vimla Devi Kumar

Making it on her Own

Vimla's family was uprooted in the 1947 partition. She made a decision to take up a job in order to support her family. Despite facing a lot of hostility at the workplace, she stood firm and continued headstrong.

Vimla Devi Kumar born on 15th July 1936, in Bannu, Pakistan, stands at a height of 5 feet. She is the fourth sibling out five children. She has two elder brothers, one elder sister and one younger brother. Her family was one of the many families who were uprooted in the 1947 Partition. Just like all Hindus had to migrate to India. However, she lost her father before partition.

The eldest brother migrated to USA after completing his Ph.D. in sciences in India, the elder sister was married off, one brother did not have work and the youngest brother was studying who was ten years younger to her. As the eldest brother was unable to support the family financially, she took up a job in the Pay & Accounts department office at UPSC. At that time she was the only lady to be a working at an office to support her family. She made a decision to not get marry just to support her mother and younger brother.

She faced a lot of opposition at the office during those times as it was a male dominated environment. She lost out on an opportunity to travel to foreign country on the pretext that men can do the job more effectively. However, she remained undeterred and true to her work ethics as she wanted her younger brother to get through his Diploma in Electrical engineering.
She took a loan from the office to build a house in 1973 in an initiative to move from a thatched house roof to a proper house.

She supported her neighbours in the locality with their studies in mathematics and devoted most of her time to charity, to temples and blind schools. She kept herself cool in all kind of adversaries and emerged as role model for the women in vicinity to have an identity of their own.

She has made a difference in the lives of her immediate family and to anyone who got in touch with her for help. At 91 years old she is still very independent. She has a good routine till date starting the day off by reading the English Hindustan Times to having regular small meals. As her nephew I am proud to have the privilege to stay with her and to know such a remarkable woman.

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