Sinjini Sengupta

The Rising Phoenix

Sinjini seemed to have it all going for her. Until, she was diagonised with multiple disorders and depression. She took life by the pen and rewrote her story. Today she is an accomplished author, poet and scriptwriter.

An alumni of the prestigious Indian Statistical Institute, an Actuary by the day and a doting mother to a brat-princess by the night, Sinjini seemed to have it all. With brilliant academic records and a fast-racing, steeply curved corporate career, fat pay-cheques and international vacations, her life was a bed of roses on the outside. On the inside, she was ill. Which she ignored. Overlooked.

Until, in 2015 and at the age of 33, her body took its turn to speak up. Tests after tests followed, and reports piled up. She was diagnosed with spinal disorders comprising several severe disc protrusions, osteophyte growths and brittle bones, Fibromyalgia, liver disorders, nervous system problems, and to top it all, major depression. Two dozens of doctors and months of intensive medication, physiotherapy, bed rests and interventions later, she was pretty much still where she was, only the situation worsening every day.

Her medical conditions triggered and amplified each other, flaring up along her entire body. It was at this point that she decided to take a brief hiatus from her corporate career of over 11 years, in order to take a good hard look at life. But little did she know how, life had other plans!

On her hiatus, she picked up her pen playfully to see if she could write anything other than PowerPoint slides that she wrote for a good part of her life. She began to write whatever came to her mind - ranging from social columns to poetry, to novels and screenplays. From that very day there was no looking back.

Sinjini went on to become an Author, a Painter and a Public Speaker. She bagged several national and international awards across every genre she wrote in, in just a brief period of just two years. And most of all, she acquired a whole new identity for herself that she could not have imagined in her wildest dreams two years back.

As a poet, Sinjini won the national level English Poetry contest – Rhyme India – hosted by Times of India in 2016. Several of her poems got published in the Feminist Poetry anthology, “She The Shakthi”. In the fiction genre, her story won the coveted South Asia FON contest, to be published in an anthology.

Another of her short-stories was made into a short-film that got selected at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival and numerous others. The short film won the best film award in Caleidoscope (Boston) and Best Director in the Kolkata International.

As a Scriptwriter, Sinjini won the Best Screenplay award in International Film Festival PickurFilms among 550 films from across the globe. As a Social Columnist, Sinjini writes, speaks and holds workshops mainly on emotional wellbeing, gender issues, social reforms and gender sensitive parenting.

She has been featured in a plethora of publications, including the Huffington Post, Speaking Tree (Times of India), Youth Ki Awaaz, Anandabazaar Patrika, Feministaa, Readomania, SBCLTR, Women’s Web, My City For Kids, Our Front Cover, Baby Destination, World of Moms and several other popular magazines.

Sinjini was recently awarded the prestigious Orange Flowers Awards 2016 (RU) for her social columns. She won the coveted “Iconic Woman award” at the Women Economic Forum in May, 2017 for her contribution to Social reforms. Further, as a Public Speaker, Sinjini was a finalist at the Quarter-Finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2017, a representative from District 41 which includes multiple countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.
Sinjini is now working on her soon-to-be-published debut novel ELIXIR, a literary fiction that revolves around the theme of Magic Realism.

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