Prathima Patel

An Inspiring Teacher

Prathima Patel is a multi-talented school teacher who goes beyond what's expected of her, to enrich the lives of her students. Her devotion to the school and her students is made evident through everything she does.

I am Nuthan Y J. I have scored 608 out of 625 in my SSLC examinations. I owe it to my school and my teachers.
The Wonder Woman I would like to nominate iis my teacher, Ms. Prathima Patel, also known as Ms. Prathima Santhosh. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about her, is her hard work and dedication. She is the first student turned Vice Principal of Sri Sarvajna Public School. I sometimes feel that she has dedicated her mind and soul to the development of our school. She thinks more about students and less about herself. I always love the care and affection she has towards the school and students. I remember last year, a few days before student union inauguration, she was not in good health and was hospitalized. Despite that, she came to school with a cannula in her hand, so that we would not miss the appearance of our photos in the background, when we were receiving our badges.

That day itself, I realized how important everything at school is to her. I have seen her suffer due to illness on many days, yet she rarely took holidays. Moreover, it is the moral support that she provides to students that makes her a gem of a person. She is the only one who stays back along with our Principal, Ms. Veena Vishwanath, whenever required to complete all the extra work. She always thinks about new ways to develop the school and that seems to have become her sole purpose. I believe she never expects anything in return and yet she works with her heart and soul. She is truly an inspiration for most of the students at school. She is a creative, innovative and talented woman. She is a true role model for many people and can be a guide for everyone who is out of track. She deserves more than what she has actually gained. A lot more…

Her speeches are inspiring. She can be a motivational speaker and a very good resource in the field of education. She keeps on updating and upgrading herself as time passes.
For me, she is a real Wonder Woman.

I truly thank her for everything she has done, especially for me. She always tells us that her teacher, and the current principal Veena Vishwanath, have been her inspiration. Ms. Prathima Patel has been an inspiration to me, especially when I was under pressure. She has taught me to handle pressure. Moreover, she is the best example of the line ‘Hard work pays off’.
She has taught me to face people when they underestimate me and discourage me. She has taught me never to give up in life.

Few of her achievements that I know of:
- She has taught many below average and average students and helped them score more than they had actually aimed to.
- She has helped achieve 100% results in English as a second language over the past two years.
- She has also been awarded "Jnana Sindhu" by Shikshana Jnana. She is nominated for ‘Kannada Garudiga’ award for the year 2017.
- She writes articles and poems in Kannada for Shikshana Jnana.
- She is a blogger on Her own quotes are available in Google. She writes poems and articles in Kannada, English and Hindi languages.
- She has been a good anchor both in Kannada and English languages. She has hosted many award ceremonies in Kannada and all the annual day programmes and annual sports meets that I have witnessed in school.
- She has written and directed plays at school. The last one in which I acted, was a unique one which made the viewers not only laugh, but also think about what it would be like if plants and trees wished to walk, talk, and celebrate their birthday.
- She can sing. She has choreographed many dances for our school annual day, starting from classical to western.

I wonder if there is anything she isn't interested in.

"Ma’am, the English which I have used here is taught by you. I dedicate this piece of writing to you. Thank you ma’am!"

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