Ami Sheth

A Girl Who Took The Road Less Travelled

A financial setback due to bad market conditions led a young Ami Sheth to take the challenge of helping her father by joining the family business. She overcame her struggles with her sheer determination and helps other family businesses today.

A timid little girl, who struggled through education as it wasn't her strength. As a child, a little stammer kept her away from crowds, though she believed that the divine always has plan to help people overcome their difficulties. A financial setback due to bad market conditions led her to stand up for herself and her family.
Ami Sheth’s young mind took the challenge to help her father by joining the family business. A domain which was not very open to females in those days - Manufacturing auto spare parts and exports. As the family’s own venture was solely focused on business with Sudan back then, she took the leap of faith and made her first trip to a foreign land. Females were not welcome in business sector of Sudan, except for the ones selling tea without milk and black coffee called 'kahwa' locally. She was proud to be the first female in the auto parts market of Sudan and many more females from different countries started trading in the Sudanese auto parts market, after her.

After spending a decade in the family business, she took up the challenge of helping other family businesses that sometimes vanish by the time they reach the second generation. As a family business coach, she was awarded the 2012 Thinkers for Facilitating Family Business & Entrepreneurship Development award by MTC Global. She pursues her vision to facilitate family businesses to see 100 years of light and helping young minds to be future leaders.

She stands for truth and fights back. Once she stands up for a cause, she follows up until she sees results. One of the causes she stood up for was for petrol theft. Her efforts resulted in Maharashtra's Petroleum Minister taking strong action across the state. She has balanced her time efficiently and gives back to society as volunteer for two causes - Education and Health.

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