Sheikh Haseena Banu

Going Against The Odds

Sheikh Haseena spent most her childhood away from her birth parents and was deprived of her parents' affection. She wasn't allowed to study beyond the 10th grade. She didn't let her lack of higher education hold her back and went on to secure a job in a reputed organization.

My name is Sheikh Haseena and I would like to tell you about my life. At the age of seven, I was adopted by a lady and was separated from my parents. That lady gave me lavish food, education and good clothing. But never gave me a mother’s love. I was suffering there and was in pain as I was missing my parents too much. One day, her husband came from Saudi and began to give me a father’s love, but that lady never allowed him to do so. My life was full of tears, sadness, and loneliness at a very young age. I accepted that as I was completely separated from my parents and friends. I was beaten, parts of my body were burnt and I was in a world of pain.

I somehow completed my 10th grade, post which, she never sent me to college for higher studies. I started looking for a job and found one as a Hindi teacher. I started getting paid Rs.800. We were going through bad financial problems at that time. We starved for two days. Then, I started taking tuitions and made some money. Dad had lost his job, so both of them were dependent on me. I took very good care of them, but that lady never loved me and always hated me.

I wasn’t well-educated, but had a lot of confidence and willpower to grow. I joined a consultancy and they trained to appear for interviews in big companies, but I didn’t get a job due to my level of education. Finally, I was called for an interview by Phoenix Global Solutions and I was selected without even being asked about my education. I was overjoyed. I was put in training soon after. I had a hard time in understanding things as I wasn’t well-educated. But I managed somehow and won the ‘Employee of the month’ award at my workplace for 8 months in a row. Later, the company I was working for, merged with Tata and I was asked to submit educational certificates. I thought I’d lose my job then, but luckily, I was retained because of my hard work. After that, I started working even harder and got a chance to travel to the US, UK, Germany, and France. Today, I'm a Learning and Development Head at TCS and I manage around 360 people.

After getting this job, I repaid all the debts of the lady who adopted me. My dad passed away in 2011. After that, I found a man for me and I married him. I have a nine month old daughter. I'll be the best mother to her and will give her all the love that I didn't get.

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