Shruti Chaturvedi

The Inspirational Storyteller

Shruthi, a driven woman who never gave up on her dream to spread positive stories to the world. After facing a lot of opposition from people she carried on to emerge victorious.

Stories have the power to inspire, connect and change the world. Every person has a story to tell – not necessarily world-altering but definitely worth sharing. There are too many negative stories doing the rounds, stories that put our mood off, stories that fill us up with sadness and sorrow, or stories which talk about hate and its impact on society. We don’t often hear positive stories since the good deeds people do are often ignored, while the bad deeds are often highlighted.

So at the age of 21, right after finishing my graduation and having gained two years of experience in the media industry, I started Chaaipani - a constructive media platform that talks about positive and inspiring stories of changemakers and unsung heroes from around us.

People often asked, “This is a hobby, what about a profession?” At networking events they would say, “Oh! So you write stories. Ye toh aap raat mein karte hoge, din mein kya karte ho?”
I shunned it all and did what I must - Tell stories, as blogs, video films and podcasts. I started with a simple vision to cut through the noise of negativity and serve super-inspiring stories, every time you sit down for a cup of chai.

A year later, when I had told over 500 stories, with almost 1 lakh readers, I went to investors for support. However one of them said, “Good what you've done. I'd come on board, but yeh ladkiyon wala business model nahi chalega.”

So then, I continued to do what I must - Tell stories of people who inspire me in the hope that I will gain greater success.

A year and a half later, I found my stream - when more than 200 people backed the initiative with their money and faith in a crowdfunding campaign.

Two years after the inception, I stand with a strong seven-member team, One million monthly users, 1500+ stories and a non-intrusive business model that doesn't compromise the integrity of the media I am building.

I hope my journey inspires amazing young women out there - to do what they must, take challenges head on and believe that you'll find your stream, after digging a bit deeper.

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