Dr. Zainab

Standing up on her own terms

Dr. Zainab, a physiotherapist who fought all odds to purse her education and to stand up on her own feet. She lost her father at a young age but never gave up on her dreams.

I am Dr. Zainab and this is my story. I had secured a scholarship to pursue my higher studies in the field of medicine. I belong to a conservative Muslim family. My dad expired when I was just a child.

My mom had to single handedly raise me and my siblings. As per tradition girls had to get married and boys could pursue education. But somehow I convinced my mom to not get me married until I educate myself. She agreed when I told her I would continue my studies through a scholarship program. This way I could help support my family and society.

I worked hard and got my Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy. I started treating patients at general hospitals while my cousins who were of my age spent their time in leisure activities. This way I made my mom proud of my achievements.

After completing my education and I got married. I have a family and a little girl. I spend most of my time attending to my family responsibilities, so I can't have a full time to career to earn or to open up my dream fitness studio to help people in society with my knowledge and experience.

However, I am still trying to achieve this dream to open up my dream venture someday. This way I can make my mom and daughter feel proud and happy. I want to be an example to other girls in society and to show them that education and knowledge always helps no matter what...
I feel I was able to achieve my goal because I was strong and determined. The option to quit studies and just relax at home or get married never crossed my mind. I choose to be educated in order to set an example for other girls. I want woman to choose education and to become achievers.

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