Shashi Prabha

Dream On

Shashi Prabha is a strong independent woman who decided to follow her dreams of becoming a fashion designer at the age of 52. Today, she successfully runs her own boutique.

This is the story of my dear mother, who was passionate about fashion designing, but instead chose to do the important job of devoting her time to her family, keeping her own dreams on hold and largely fulfilling the task of being a wonderful home maker.

While her children grew up and moved out of the house to pursue their career interests, she never let her aspiration of becoming a fashion designer die. She instead started her own boutique at the age of 52, a dream which was on hold while she was a homemaker. She gave shape to her dreams in the year 2015.

She says she enjoys each day, meeting new women and meeting their design and service expectations which makes her proud. She also enjoys being a part of the business community and interacting with other shopkeepers in her area.

This is the success story of my mother who is now our inspiration, proving that age and time is never a factor to live up-to your dreams and become someone you really aspired to be.

I love my mom and I am really proud of her.

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