Soma Ghatak

The Nerve To Succeed

Soma, a young entrepreneur who has nerves of steel to stand up for herself and become an independent woman. This spirited lady works rigourously and is dedicated to prepare the reports of patients.

Soma Ghatak is a 26 year old Bengali woman. She is apparently a little taller than other women in her age group. She is adamant about having a house of her own.
However, after passing her higher secondary education, she could not take up further studies as she wasn’t financially sound enough to pay for a graduation course. Her father was a homeopathy practitioner who was not earning enough money to spend on her higher education.

Ultimately, she decided to do a paramedical course in Neurophysiology. It was a 3 year diploma course priced at rupees thirty thousand which her father agreed and managed to pay. Luckily, she got selected as a trainee in the department of neurology at the Bangur Institute of Neurology, Calcutta. Here her sincerity was duly acclaimed by all her teachers who started to like her for her ability to cope with the ever expanding demand of the neurophysiology department.

She passed her qualifying examination with an A+ grade. Soma then decided not to depend on the service of any government or private institute, but instead wanted to start her own business venture. This way she felt she could earn good returns and fulfill her dream of having a house of her own.

She wanted to achieve all this before marriage as she first and foremost desired to be with her parents in her new house. This was because the house which she was staying at with her parents was a little small one which, and she thought it would not be liked by her would-be in-laws.

Soma managed to get a loan from a friend and purchased a machine - a laptop with a few software and some hardware. She is now a businesswoman with her own apparatus. She then started calling on her teachers to get patients who needed immediate investigations. All her teachers were amazed with her dedication and ability. So, she managed to get patients. She prepared the reports after consulting with her teachers and other specialists in the field of neurology.

Obviously, her business was flourishing. Every day, she would start her work early in the morning and finish the all her engagements by evening.
Today, she is financially independent and capable of buying a house. She has worked hard to achieve all this success.

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