Chhavi Rajawat

The lady Sarpanch

Chhavi chose to give up a lucrative job in the corporate sector and head to her roots in rural India. In a generation that seeks to embrace the city life and its culture, she believes in rebuilding the bond with her village. As the Sarpanch of Soda village in Rajasthan, she is helping new thinking make inroads into rural India.

While most of India gravitates towards the bigger cities in search of bigger paychecks and learning opportunities, Chhavi Rajawat swims against the current. Quite literally as well! She left a lucrative job in the corporate sector and followed her roots to a village in Rajasthan. But it wasn’t a simpler life that she was after!

In a generation that seeks the metropolitan high life, Chhavi was determined to improve the quality of life for her rural folk. Even if it meant choosing dusty bylanes over carpeted corridors and hands-on work instead of a cushy desk job.

And so, she put her unconventional thinking to work, coming up with innovative methods of water conservation in a drought-plagued Rajasthan. She introduced the concept of rainwater harvesting to the community. She made strides in the area of women’s safety. Even directed her efforts towards hygiene - making toilet facilities more available to the people in her village.

Chhavi’s outstanding contributions landed her the seat of the Sarpanch of Soda village in Rajasthan. Her work was being recognised, and better still, inspiring the neighbouring villages to follow suit.

Rural India, after all, has always been the source of talent, food and primary services that run the wheels of this country. And Chhavi is here to fuel the development further!

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