Yashna Adil Dadachanji

A Gem of a Businesswoman

Yashna always wanted two things in life - to earn, and to look after a household. And the hard working person that she is, she achieved both these objectives with sheer determination and passion.

I was always an independent person by nature. I wanted to earn, and yes, look after a household as well. This is the basis of me taking up the job of a tutor very early on, during my college years itself. This career continued even after my marriage in 1996, because of my passion to teach.

My other desire of wanting to look after a household also took fruition when I was blessed with two beautiful daughters. And so, I juggled my teaching with raising the kids, and taking care of my husband, and my mom.

Then in 2010, I came across a diamond jewelry manufacturer. This encounter inspired me a lot. I started getting attracted towards the profession and even took it up with my husband and mother. Back then, I didn't get too positive a response.

But the days passed and my interest did not diminish. I bought a few varieties of jewelry and started from home. And slowly, it picked up! Then there were exhibitions, which someone guided me through. I got in touch with Parsi embroidery karigars and started introducing sarees and kurtis.

But managing a household, kids and tuition responsibilities alongside this was becoming tough. And so, as my business started growing, I gave up my teaching practice and started concentrating on the business I had started. I went on to increasing the number of exhibitions, in Mumbai and outside the city.

In 2015, I opened a shop in Grant Road. It was tough - there were ups and downs. Like finance, for example was one obstacle, since the business required a lot of investment, in order to have a variety of items. But with God's blessings, I pulled through.

Today, I am Yashna Dadachanji - Proprietor of Felinaz Collections comprises of CZ Diamond Jewelry, Parsi Gara Embroidered Sarees ,Kurtis, Jackets and Evening Clutch Bags! My kids are all grown up. They are of great help to me with household chores, in between their own studies. My husband and mom finally came through too, and have been a backbone of support throughout. Although yes, Mom did expire 3 years ago.

I might be a shy person, but I'm hardworking. And it's got me to where I am.

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