Gunjan Kathariya

Beautiful on the Inside, and Outside

A skin disease might've shaped the formative years of Gunjan. But she grew up to accept it and embrace it. And today, it doesn't shape her life anymore; she does so herself!

The journey began on 5th June, 1983. A dream was born, and within a year it changed to a never ending stream of sleepless nights. Within a year of me being born, I had to face the repercussions of a medical carelessness by a doctor who gifted me a lifelong diseases of which there is no cure. An external skin disease, that too.

From that little an age, life was difficult. But nevertheless, it had to be lived. And this belief kept breathing with every breath I took...

A baby who doesn't yet know they difference between a boy and a girl started listening to those around her wondering how she will get married, and who will marry her. Soon the years passed by and I was faced with taunts from people in society. It made me believe that I cannot be loved. I was made to believe that the only aim of my life was to make it big, because only then would someone marry me. My heart would tear apart every night and I would cry, asking God, "Why me?"

I was not allowed to wear certain Colorado clothes as God blessed me with dark skin. I was not allowed to wear clothes wherein my skin is shown due to my skin condition. But the negativity around me, and the DNA of my parents that is within me, made me turn these stones aimed at me into a beautiful castle... A castle which people envy now.

Today, I work as an assistant product manager with an MNC. And it is now that people compliment me for my confidence. Looks have become secondary on my professional front. My parents, and those concerned about my future are now proud of me.

I dedicate the success of my life to my teachers, and friends who saw me to be more than a girl of flesh and skin. With them, I wasn't Gunjan, the girl with a skin disease. I was Gunjan, a girl with dreams, and one who wishes to be independent.

Living with this disease is my biggest achievement beyond any other thing in this world. It is when people look at me, and compliment me for being an inspiration that I feel like I have won the battle!

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