Kiran Sisodia

Overcoming the Odds

Having lost her dad at a young age, Kiran struggled a lot. Not the one to give up easily, today she stands as a pillar of support to her mom and siblings.

In the year 1992, when I was studying in the 6th standard I lost my father due to an accident. My family consisted of five sisters and one brother. All of us were still studying at that time.
After I lost my father, there was no one to lend a supportive hand at home. Because of our studies and other requirements, my mom took up a job in an export factory.

After a few years, she got two fractures one in her hand and the other in her leg. I had just finished my graduation at that time, so I took up a job that was paying me a monthly salary of Rs. 2200 in order to support my mom and siblings with their studies and other requirements.

As time went by, today we are all well-educated. We are more financially stable to take care of mom and the home. I am still unmarried and have been working for the past 13 to14 years. My elder sister, one of my younger sisters and brother are married. My brother, one of my sisters and I are working, while the youngest sister is still studying.

I am grateful for being blessed with such a strong minded mother. My mother has been an inspirational role model to me and is my pillar of strength. Her constant encouragement and support has helped me to take care of my family and to become the woman that I am today.

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