Shetal Desai

The Math Wiz

While some of us may love to swim, read, or even paint, Shetal Desai's passion in life is to study. Unbelievable, right? You're looking at a "Brand Name in Math", as the kids she teaches often call her. A woman who has never let any of her responsibilities as a wife, mother, or adult diminish her devotion to the academic world.

This is a story of my wife, Mrs. Shetal K. Desai. She is a Pathology Lab Consultant, and an L.L.B. When we got married at an early age of 25, I was still studying to be a C.A. while she had already completed her Pathology Lab Technician Diploma. Because of her love and fiery passion for studies, she took up an L.L.B. course as well. And so, she gave me company during my late night study sessions. But her devotion for studies was tremendous that alongside handling our home affairs, she also managed to complete her L.L.B. before I cleared my C.A. course.

Later, we had a 2-year-old son and she gave him her all too. For him, she decided not to further pursue any job or practice. She dedicated 12 years to being a homemaker, and looking after our son. But in her heart, she was always yearning for more academic knowledge.
And so, one fine day she decided that if she could not study herself, at least she could help others study by giving them tuition. Her Math and Science was strong, having been her prime subjects during her college days. Yet she started her tuitions with just one student, afraid that she might not be able to deliver as intended.

But because of her love for studies, especially Math, she would end up dedicating more hours than the assigned 1 or 2 hours to that single student's education. It was because of this dedicated teaching that the student went from being a mediocre performer to one earning high scores. And the maths result? A 100 marks!

Next year on, students flocked to her for teaching and guiding them with their studies. She was now confident, and her passion had only risen to higher levels. From that day on, in year 2002, she has never looked back.

She is now considered an authority in Math. And this was only for one school and one vast subject. Currently, she must be handling around 150 students, give or take, from Std. 8th to 10th. And the enrollment for students under her wing has to be done 2 years in advance!
Now when I see her, I'm proud of her dedication, love, and passion for not just Math, but also her students, family, and friends. People don't just salute her for her work, but also quote her as an example for dedicated practice.

Very few people get a chance to work in a field they like, and she is one of those lucky ones. With her passion she has carved a niche for herself in a field of her choosing. She believes the biggest compliment to her is when her students say that Shetal Miss is a "Brand Name" in Math, and that they are proud to be associated with such a Brand Name.
It gives her tremendous satisfaction, and a feeling that she is giving back to society when her ex-students come to the house and share their success stories with her.

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