Rashmi Madhusudan

The Green Revolutionary

Rashmi thought that she has done all in life and fulfilled her duties, too. But little did she know that a revolution was waiting to happen and she would be its initiator.

The story starts off from the time she became a mother when she was blessed with a son. She became a housewife and for the next few years she was busy raising him when she was blessed with a daughter. It took totally 20 years for her to bring them to what they are today because she has sacrificed a lot during these 25 years to keep them happy.

Just when she thought that this is all she has to do in life and she has fulfilled her duties, she started to help her husband in managing the farms, which made her realise that she had a new interest born inside her. She took up this new interest into a new phase of her life. She started to sell the vegetables grown by her in her farms which were pesticide residue free. The quality was much better, fresher, and healthier. A lady who started out to sell with only the first circle people grew from supplying 5kgs of vegetables every day to 50-100 kgs a day, just by word of mouth. This allowed her to grow more and gave her a lot of confidence. She started a store of her own called Vishaal Farm Fresh, which aims at giving the most healthy and fresh vegetables grown in the methods of good agricultural practice. The vegetables are also certified.

Today she manages three farms and a store with almost 50 people under her and a family who supports her in every way possible from her husband to her children and other family members.

She is a true inspiration to many ladies at this point of life who want to do so much but don't because of no support or the confidence. I look up to her a lot as she is my mother who has set an example for many that confidence and determination is all you need to keep yourself going.

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