Jyoti Mate

A calm mind creates a powerful nation!

When a friend suggested meditation as a remedy for stress, little did Jyoti realize that it would change her life, drastically.

Highly energetic, diversely creative with a dynamic ever-evolving persona is how I would describe myself today!
I am trained in two Indian classical dance styles- Bharatanatyam and Kathak, dance has always been my passion. I am also passionate about painting, pottery, writing, drumming, and music, to name a few!
I used to love my busy life and busy mind. It took a toll on me and I didn’t even notice it until it became evident. So then, somebody suggested meditation. This happened about 17 years ago.
“Meditation? Oh my goodness... I can’t sit still for 5 minutes… How in the world am I going to sit and be still? How incredibly boring!” was my reply.
Well… that was my initial thought buzzing about meditation.
At this point I must tell you my habit for the stuff that I don’t like to do. Before I stamp a thing as not being my favourite, I try it out as many times as I can, until I am absolutely certain about deciding my preference.
So… I started attending / learning meditation sessions. And yes… I did find them very boring. But after about the 6th or 7th time, I started noticing tiny differences in myself. For example, I was less tired by the end of the day, I had fewer mood swings, I started sleeping well.
As soon as I realized these changes, my mind opened up more and more.
About 10 years ago, I started experimenting with dynamic meditation and developed my own style of ‘Sufi Movementation’.
I combined movements, breath, music, and mind to come up with this concept. Then, I started rendering my unique meditation concept along with mindful meditation to people. I have conducted these workshops in orphanages, ashrams, old age homes, and different groups of people from all walks of life, with no expectation of any money. It is my service to mankind!

The purpose of my life is to get everyone exposed and hooked on to meditation.
To go to NGOs and jails and hospitals and orphanages to conduct the meditation workshops.
A calm mind creates a powerful nation!

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