Sujata Gupta

From Downfall to Start Up

There are rags to riches stories, and then there are stories that go from riches to rags to riches again. Sujata's is the latter.

After completing my graduation from Kolkata in Computer Science from J D Birla Institute of Kolkata (Jadhavpur University), I was married to a rich family in Kanpur city and raised two children. But unfortunately, the joint business run by my family shattered and we were left with nothing.

Instead of crying, my mother held my hand and inspired me to start my own venture. And so, eight years ago I started with just a small exhibition and e-commerce, back when nobody knew about e-commerce. I started selling on sites like Facebook and WhatsApp.

My world became different. I had never thought I'd become a bread earner in the family. But here I was! I would now look into my closet that contained an assorted collection of unopened, unworn clothes and still say, "I have nothing to wear!" And this gave me an insight... Just like me, there are millions of other women out there who stuff their closets with stuff worth over one billion dollars and still complain that they have nothing to wear. I decided I wanted to change that. And so, I went ahead and launched an eBay store, an Instagram-like fashion marketplace to discover, sell, and buy fashion attire. Zapyle and eBay assist pre-loved clothes and accessories in finding new wardrobes, so nobody will ever feel that they have nothing to wear. I had worked with eBay previously and I know the workings of it.

The start-up has raised funding for my family. And in its own right, Zapyle is now an e-commerce start-up that designs and manufactures all types of Indian ethnic wear for its clients worldwide. It also custom designs for wedding sets for the bride and bridegroom attire worldwide. I now provide work to many people, and look forward to giving the same opportunity to many more.

I don't look back at the years gone by anymore. I fly and rise high, and want to raise and inspire my children with the same quote that my mother inspired me with - “Whatever you do, be different. If you’re different, you will stand out.”

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