Syeda Tahera Tayyabba

A Pillar of Strength

Syeda Tahera, a determined widow, made a lot of sacrifices and faced all the struggles in her life with confidence. She single-handedly worked hard to bring up her three children and continues to be their pilar of strength.

I would like to share my mother’s story with you which I believe is very inspirational.

My mother lost her husband after seven years of marriage due to a road accident in 1987. My parents had three children, two daughters and one son. In spite of a lot of pressure from her parents and my grandparents to remarry, my mother refused to do so. Because her three children were her priority and she wanted them to have a decent upbringing.

I was just five years old when this incident occurred. Mom took up odd jobs like sewing as she was not well educated. She sold all her jewellery just to provide for us and to give us a decent education. She sacrificed a lot for us.

These things can't be described in words; the struggle my mother went through on a day-to-day basis. As of today, I have done my MBA and my sister holds a degree in physiotherapy. These are all the efforts of my mother. I have just given a brief story of my mother’s life which should be an example to other women who are going through a similar situation.

After seeing my mother’s life, I believe that women are mentally and emotionally stronger than men and they can do anything if they believe in themselves.

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