Banking on the strength within

Jasmine is an independent woman from a middle class family. She lost her mother when she was still studying. She kept moving forward even though the road ahead was not a smooth one.

Though we were from a middle class family my parents gave me the best education they could. Due to which I was able to start my career. But the road ahead was not a smooth one.

My mother passed away when I was doing my graduation. After my graduation, I did an LLB and a computer diploma course along with my job. I had to face many difficulties to reach this stage of life.

Today, I am a senior accounts manager at a well-known private limited company. My father, brother and my husband are my pillars in life. They have always supported me to take independent decisions and to work on my conditions.

I am very grateful to have such wonderful parents and such an encouraging life partner.
I would like to tell all the parents to give the best education to their children, especially their daughter so that they don't have to be dependent on anyone and can raise their head and walk through all difficulties.

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