Pamela Anand

Souchii - My Pride

Unable to contain the entrepreneur in herself, Pamela left her job and ventured out into businesses that were completely alien to her. While the first one bombed, the second continues to flourish and now boasts of a Rs. 75+ crore turnover.

It feels strange to pen my own story, but I do feel the tug to express and write.

I was working with Infosys Technologies and was very comfortable with my career when the entrepreneurship bug bit me. I wanted to do something! During that time, I was even ready to sell samosas for a living. My aspiration was to come out of the board room to start something on my own. My thought guru was NRN sir. I would get a glimpse of him in the Infosys campus and would admire his strength to carry forward the legacy of intellect; the dream upon which he built block by block: Infosys technologies.

I studied the market and chose two options to satiate my delve into entrepreneurship. It was like drawing the first curve on the whiteboard for me. I had always been a student of statistics and by profession, I was a participant analyst and to suddenly take a gear change and move on to frying samosas was as alien to me as designing and stitching clothes. So, I studied the market, ticked few invisible questions in my head, asked my mind to focus, convinced my husband, and bought two sewing machines.
As a parallel to this, set up a small sweet shop and started retailing sweets and samosas.

The thought and business of samosas crashed and I learnt my first valuable business lesson: FOCUS on the product and the sale, make yourself resilient and thoughts strong, always keep an alternate.

It was always in my mind that if I suffer a loss I would have to go back to my work. So, I pushed myself hard to think, to hire right and to do multiple tasks so that I could save some money and carry my business forward.

I started with Rs. 10,000/-, the money which Infosys paid me as salary and I decided to open a small boutique. The brand ‘Souchii’ was thus born in a small hut-like store. Souchii was an ethnic wear brand made to cater to the segment summed up as working woman who are always on the run and always need something practical to wear and look good in.

As the baby is born with similar passion I nurtured the small baby, looked after the manufacturing, selling, and taking care of the store. I just had three staff back then: two tailors, one sales lady and of course, I was dedicated whole and soul to the cause.

It was the blessing showered from above that my little store hut was always frequented by customers (beginners’ luck!). My customers loved Souchii. I stuck to my first lesson: good product at a reasonable price. The word spread. I had zilch advertisement cost as it was just word of mouth which helped my cause of sale and few beautiful people who believed in the brand potential and picked up the brand to be showcased at Megamart and Reliance Trends store. The days went past. Every new season brought the thrills of joy and operation; every moment I learnt and the joy and impetus made my journey a sail both rough and strong. The challenges made me and my baby strong. My family also lived my dream and encouraged me to fly higher like the white swan.
Today from the little hut and Rs. 10,000/- it's been eight years. Now the business is now Rs. 75+ crore turnover with 180 counters all over India. We continue to grow.

It's now become from "I" to a "WE". Now the brand touches the lives of 45,000 individuals in a month. They are my satisfied customers, my staff and my well-wishers who have given me the strength to carry forward.
When I look back I am surprised to see my pictures. Sometimes I am unable to recognize myself, but the secret is I recognize the energy, the positive energy which spins our world and creates a world called "IMAGINATION".

I am grateful to everyone for making Souchii our pride.

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