Koshika Krishna

Singing to My Tunes

As an 18-year old, her RTI applications made the government stand up and take action. She was titled as the 'National Youth Leader' at the Indian Student Parliament in 2015 for her leadership skills and approach towards contemporary issues. But this was just the start…

My name is Koshika Krishna. I am a 21-year old law student. When I started my graduation law course three years back, I was crushed because I wasn't in the law school I wanted to be and so felt defeated. I felt I had failed myself and more importantly my parents. I heard this quote around that time, “It is not your aptitude but your attitude which takes you to higher altitude.” I felt redeemed when I heard this. It changed something within me and as I like to believe, gave rise to an unwavering determination and courage.

I used this feeling to address the frustration I had always felt reading the newspaper, seeing the lackadaisical approach of the State, its stakeholders towards the many social issues our country faces. I took up RTI activism and filed applications seeking answers from various governmental departments in Mumbai on the crucial topic of ‘regulations against fire breakouts/accidents in all residential buildings’. My application went up till the second appeal. This is an ongoing case. The courage this gave me however as an 18 year old, who was going around interacting with government officers of such high stature for an unwavering cause, made me work towards ensuring other young students did the same. And so, I was titled as the 'National Youth Leader' at the Indian Student Parliament in 2015 for my leadership skills and approach towards contemporary issues.

I am extremely passionate in the areas of human rights especially women. And so, for the past year have been working with India's leading women's rights lawyer ‘Flavia Agnes’ (Majlis NGO) in providing victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse social and legal support. I have also worked as an Online United Nations Volunteer for "PAJAAF Foundation" in Ghana. Their focus area was on empowering woman through education. I am a core member of the ‘Vidya Veda Foundation’ which works to provide high quality Education, Nutrition and Medical care to India's young citizens.

I was also accepted and awarded a scholarship by the Harvard University for their annual Model UN for two consecutive years. (2016/17). It was here that I started an award winning social venture ‘seHER’ (Social Empowerment through Health Education and Research) that works to advocate on ‘Menstrual Hygiene and Nutrition’ in India. ‘The Resolution Project. Inc’ has awarded me a fellowship to start this venture. Through this, my aim is to make people ‘talk’ about the things that matter. seHER has started an initiative to encourage women to have a discourse about their bodies. Not just with the society but with themselves. In the process, this aims to address issues such as reproductive and sexual diseases, menstruation and sexuality. On a personal level, I am on mission to help people accept their flaws and failures; to use them as an inspiration and to be self-aware.

I work constantly towards never being socially conformed. Towards singing to my own tune. Of not being afraid of making mistakes or the unknown.

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