Mohini Khullar

My Mom, My Inspiration

Despite losing her husband at a very young age, Mohini never let the loss affect the lives of her children. Despite health issues, she kept going strong and continues to be a pillar of strength.

My mom, Mohini Khullar, is the most inspirational woman I have in my life. She is not only my mentor, my best friend, but my everything. She holds a very, very special place, deep inside my heart. She has been through a lot of hardships in her life, but has always bounced back with positive energy and attitude towards the situation to face new challenges in life. She has always stood by our family no matter what circumstances were. She has inspired me a lot throughout and is still continuing with that.

Dad passed away at a very young age and the family was shattered badly after this tragedy as my father was the backbone for our family. At that particular moment when we all were tensed, worried and moreover in a bad state of mind, my mother never gave up and she became much more stronger than even before to face the world in spite of her health issues. She has always accepted what is and let go what was and had faith in what could be which makes her a great lady.

I will cherish her for being there for both of us, me and my younger brother and helping us, motivating us at each and every step to achieve our desired goals in life. She has sacrificed a lot for all of us. After the demise of my father, she has not only provided support, love, strength and courage to deal with the situations with utmost grace and dignity, but has also helped us to become more stronger individuals to face the world. Today, I salute her for what she did and is still doing for us and I would pray to the Almighty to bless her with good health and happiness to last forever and give her more courage to face the world.

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