Pooja Morajkar

The One who never gave up

Pooja fell victim to a terrible disease at a very young age. But she didn't let her disease overpower her will to fulfil her father's dreams.

I would like you all to know her challenges in life and the way she still overcomes it. And how she could be someone who can inspire us all. Pooja grew up bold and strong, bright and smart. She was the most beautiful in the entire family. Not only amongst the four walls, but people from all over, admired her. It is well said, “Beauty isn’t in the way you look. It is always in the heart”.
She was done with her schooling when her life took a turn. She was at the age of 15, about to get into her high school, when this incident took place. It is still a nightmare to all of us and we wish it never comes back again. She fell ill. To an extent we all couldn't understand what exactly went wrong. Her health went on deteriorating.

Six months passed by and that’s when the doctors found out that she was suffering from a terrible lung disease. The disease was in its second stage. We were all devastated. Once and for all, we felt like it was over. Those words still haunt me, “Brother, everything seems to be a blur, please save me, take me out from here.” I was cold that moment. I went right outside the room and cried. But we did not lose hope and nor did we let her. She believed her family. She believed us. She fought back. She lived on medicines. Something which all of us hate. She turned pale and sick day after day. We loved her and we wanted her back! She loved and lived for us. Our little girl, though she came back home, just couldn’t make it back to her bubbly self.

She started avoiding food. She was on a high dosage of medicine. The most beautiful person, started looking different altogether, now, due to those high doses of medicine. She started hating herself. She felt she looked ugly. People kept names passed comments about her appearance. She was bullied. Though she got low, she never gave up. Just to stand up to her dreams. Her dreams for him. We all knew who it was and we encouraged her for the same. She attended her lectures but she skipped her food and medicine. She started hiding the medicines in the bag. Sometimes even threw it away. She became turbulent. We accepted her anger, her cries, and her sickness all because we knew she was doing it for him.
Yes! For him. For our father. Our dad. He wanted her to become a doctor by profession. Not for him or us, but for the world. To help the poor, as we too were poor once upon a time.

Somehow she managed to clear her high school board exams. She started preparing for her CET. She didn’t get through it. She did not lose hope. Nor did we let her lose. She couldn’t get through MBBS. And then, just to fulfil his dreams, she got into BHMS. At last, what was expected of her, was to be a doctor for a social cause. She started with her course; she gave up her dreams to live for her father’s dream. She wanted to pursue a career in mass media, but she gave up on that dream, just for all of us. She came back to life, and to date, continues to live life to the fighter she is.

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