Vandana Pathak

Angel of the Land

She overcame her lack of self-confidence and communication skills to rise to the top. Much like the phoenix, she rose from the ashes to achieve her dreams.

She was an introvert when she took the step towards teenage from the age of infancy and innocence. Vandana was inclined to become an eminent personality from the early childhood, the age when a child can let its imagination run wild and dream the impossibilities. She pursued her initial school education from vernacular medium, which was pulling her behind on her communication. On the top her apprehension didn't allow her to come on the stage or to make more friends.

Adolescence ensued with shyness, which was carried forward till adulthood. It was the inception of a new life, when she took admission in one of the noteworthy institutes of India, Nirma University. Not to mention, she was commendable in studies. However, her under confidence led her to depression and stigma attached to it further ended up into cheerlessness. Although, the situation was uncontrollable and days were herculean, she never allowed herself to relinquish. She always motivated herself by reading inspirational books and sagas.

On one good day, she managed herself to present in one seminar, which was attended by well-known delegates. Number of nights were spent, burning the midnight oil to develop herself in terms of innumerable aspects. Her eyes were anticipating the reward for the same. Though she initiated with conviction, she fumbled at a point, which ruined everything of her diligence. In spite of bursting herself into depression again, she took this incidence as a shaping stone and evoked herself towards newer heights. That incidence was the last, when she convinced herself for not to admit defeat.

When she passed out from her college, the only thing, which was remained as it was, when she took the admission, was her perseverance. She got the opportunity to explore herself in one of the well-known multinational pharmaceutical companies as a marketing person. Not to mention, she grabbed it! Today she is flourishing herself with new challenges, as a part of journey towards a successful excursion of life, every day.

One thing she does every day, is to consult to one of the most encouraging people of her life, who meets her when she stands in front of the mirror, where she met me.

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