Anjali Sharma

And she never gives up!

Anjali's is the story of mind over matter. Challenged with limitations of the body, this braveheart never gave up and never will!

The story which I am going to share with you all is of a woman who inspired many people in her life. When she was born, doctors said that she can't survive for more than 3 hours. However, history was about to be made because now that girl is of 30 years and married as well. Although her life is full of struggles and problems but she never regretted about the same.

When Anjali was born, both, her parents and doctors were really shocked because she was not a normal baby like others. This young baby was suffering from a major disease. So, her childhood was full of struggle and problems because she started walking at the age of six; years too late in comparison to other children. That was not the only problem. No school would admit her. Her parents tried in all the schools but they got rejection from all the schools. The irony was that most of the time her name (Anjali) was on the top of the list but at the time of the admission her parents always got the same answer which was "NO and NO". But she never lost her hopes and one fine day she got an admission in a school. Again, to everyone's surprise, she turned out to be a brilliant student throughout her student life.

After her graduation, she established herself as a business woman. Now she is running an educational institute all alone where she manages all the students and teachers. Earning more than her husband. She is doing all this and thinking out of the box even after being a patient of muscular dystrophy (75% of muscles are dead in her body as certified by the Indian Government Doctor) and although I am not supposed to say it but I have to… she can't move her thumbs and can’t stand for a long time as well. But, she puts all her efforts and heart in order to deliver the results.

Anjali is an inspiration and a role model for many. Although I am her husband and really healthy, I have to admit this that I can’t take that much pain. I can't remember a day when she took a day off, apart from Sundays, in last five years. Parents and students respect her a lot. She is a challenge to all the human beings who are healthy but can't work and an inspiration to the people like her because as per doctors, these sorts of patients are normally on bed. NO treatment in the world as of now of her disease. Hope her health will improve. Keep rocking Anjali!

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