Sushmeetha B Bubna

A Catalyst for Change

Sushmeetha suffered complete loss of sight at the age of 24. She turned her disability into a powerful ability to change the lives of people like her, and others.

Sushmeetha B. Bubna is striving passionately with a vision. She believes that the world is a place where blindness is not a disability, but a mere inconvenience. Born with Congenital Cataracts, she later suffered from multiple eye disorders, leading to vision loss in one eye at the age of ten and complete loss of sight at the age of 24. Unfazed, she completed her graduation in the Commerce Stream and Diploma in business management from the University of Mumbai. Despite losing her eyesight, she learned courses in computer hardware, too.

She is the founder and director of “Voice Vision,” an institution which was established in 2000 to enable the visually impaired through technology and facilitate social inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). “No visually impaired person will stand the test of tide, but will be empowered to swim across in the pool of self-confidence and achievements” is the motto of Voice Vision. She has trained more than 100 students with computers and corporate skills. Most of them have gone on to set up or resurrect their careers. For instance: HR manager at IBM, CA at Reliance, Physiotherapist etc. She has organized around 45 soft skills trainings, addressing up to 1500 participants. She has also conducted courses on first-aid, mobility, self-employment opportunities, unconventional career, etc.

She has created an online and offline platform, facilitating persons with any disability to find their soul mate. She has successfully organized five across-disability matrimonial get-togethers, involving around 350 participants, enabling three marriage alliances, change in many mindsets breaking some stereotypical thoughts. Also, she has initiated the ‘Entrepreneurial Idea Award,’ for persons with visual impairment, enabling them to start their own business and provide employment to other disabled or non-disabled persons. She has been a trainer, counsellor, motivator, and guide to most of the students and participants of events and workshops.

Alongside, she plays a key role in her family business since 1995. Presently, she is the director of the firm, handling a plethora of responsibilities, including Purchase and Sales, Human Resource, Customer Relationship Management, Administration and much more. The success she achieved with her sheer grit and determination in the face of adversity, brought her many coveted honours. A few of them are listed below:

• “National Award” for Best Accessible Website, 2011.
• "10th Mrs. Piloo Dorab Khambatta Memorial Award" for being an Outstanding Self Employed Blind Entrepreneur given by the 'National Association for Blind' India in 2004
• ''Dr. Batra's Positive Health Award 2010''- recognizing Heroism of People who displays Outstanding Courage in their Fight against Disease and Disability - Presented by Aishwarya Rai & Abhishek Bachchan
• Neelum Khurshed Kanga Memorial Award by the National Association for the Blind - Women’s Empowerment Department 2015
• Received the Rex Karamveer Global Fellowship 2015-16 honour and the Karmveer Chakra instituted with the UN, on 27th November 2016 for Inspiring positive change and contribution towards impacting positive Mindset collective change

Her success story has received the much deserved appreciation and coverage in the print and electronic media too. To conclude, the last line of her biography says she turned her disability into a powerful ability. And with brave wings, Sushmeetha flies and makes others fly too.

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