Sindhu Nair

The one who persevered

Sindhu's life had been laced with struggles since a very young age. But she was determined to overcome them in order to become the successful woman she is today.

Pampered as the little princess in my home, I never thought there would be so many challenges I would need to face as I grow. Our parents provided me and my siblings with a decent life.

Everything did not come so easily to me. Born and brought up in Mumbai, I completed my 8th standard and was too excited to finish my 10th, soon. I fancied studying in one of the known colleges that I heard of during those days. Unfortunately, later I was forced to move with my parents back to Kerala as I was too timid to take a decision for my career. Owing to some affiliation issues with the CBSE school, I lost a year in my 10th standard. I still did not give up and my mother struggled hard to get me admitted in another school, until I finally got admitted in a state board school.

Things were not so easy again, as I had to study the regional language, which was compulsory. Me being in the 10th standard, it was a do or die situation for me.
I had no other option but just to go with the flow and get a decent marks for my board. I did not want to lose any opportunity and started to work hard on the subjects.
Somehow, one day, a rule was passed for all the students coming from different states, that the State Board Schools would be providing an option of Sanskrit and Special English instead of the regional language. Something is better than nothing. I did not leave my hope and took tuitions for Sanskrit. I finally passed out with a distinction of 82% and got admission in a good college.

All went well till my degree examinations. Parallel to it I had also given my CAT and MAT exams to pursue my MBA. My dreams to settle in the place I was born, were still alive.
Everything went for a toss when I saw the final results of my graduation. I had studied for BSc Maths and I was confident to score a good marks until I saw that the results were not what I expected. I had to repeat one subject to get my graduation certificate. There were few more unfortunate students like me who shared the same boat.

I could have collapsed, gone into depression, or ended my life then and there, as life had not been so fair to me.But still I decided not to give up and asked for the solution to this. I could see the pain in the eyes of my parents. I couldn’t be so selfish and decided to live upto their expectations. With the guidance and support of my teachers, I cleared my subject and passed out with 73% marks.Parallel to it, I had applied for my MBA studies and got selected by good colleges in Pune and Bangalore.

To go ahead in my career and life and look after my family was my utmost priority.
Then, life decided to test me once again. I was blessed to have our family friend, who was a professor in the college which I had applied to. The group discussion and personal interview dates were set, and we left for Mumbai two days prior to the tests. The trains were late and had to take another route owing to some accident, that made me miss the dates for the test.
It being a natural cause for delay, the management had allowed us to reach and attend the tests the next day. Thanks to the professor who conveyed the message to the management, they were willing to give me a chance.

The day arrived, I appeared for the group discussion and private interview, did impeccably well, and secured my admission. Got a decent job and pay, that took care of my expenses. I could give some money to my parents as a token of appreciation for all the pains they have taken to give me a good life.

Like every woman’s life enters into the phases of marriage and kids, the same occurred in my life too. Blessed with two daughters, I did not wish to quit my job. I wanted to continue my work and remain financially independent and continue giving some share of my salary to my parents. In their old age, they only had me as their life support. They were the top priority in my life. Life was all good until another incident took place. My dad’s accident put him to coma, until he finally departed from us. It was very difficult, especially for my mother, without him. My mother was now my whole and soul and I needed to give my extra protective shield to her, in my dad’s absence.

It’s been three years now and I, Sindhu Nair – Manager of Marketing and Communications with a Scandinavian project cargo company, am going strong, ready to face and welcome challenges, whatever and however they may come in my life.

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