Shashi Daga

The Self Made Wonder

Six kids, and with no source of income, Shashi made use of every opportunity in hand to create a successful business. This, despite battling an illness, alongside.

This story is about a lady who is strong, passionate, considerate, and a woman of essence. She is no one else but my mother – Shashi Daga. Owner and founder of Scissors Talks at Kolkata – a one stop shop for any kind of bags and covers made by recycling old garments and materials.

Clad in a simple cotton saree, Shashi never seems to have even the smallest frown on her face. She has come a long way in life. Having limited education and early marriage did not deter her to follow her dreams. A mother of six children, of which one being a down syndrome child, no frustration has ever bogged her down. From a mere factory with five tailors and a small kitty of clients, to a factory with 25 tailors and never ending list of customers in 26 years; this itself is a story to tell. From managing daily house hold chores to taking care of her children and raising them to confident individuals without compromising on their education, for Shashi there has been no looking back. She has never undergone any form of training in tailoring. It was just a will to do something that pushed her to start a business of her own. In the endeavour to do so, she also employed a deaf and dumb helper.

With her husband fighting a long-drawn court case and business which had shut off completely as Hindustan Motors had wound up their operations, Shashi had to make the family ends meet. And managing a large family and a business was not easy. But Shashi always wanted to do something more. With undaunted courage and grim determination, she started a unit of organisers for clothes, footwear, accessories and storage bags out of old worn out clothes and today there is a unit set up at home. With four daughters who are married, one bed ridden child, and one unmarried daughter working outside Calcutta, Shashi made full use of the spare time and kept on mulling on new ideas thinking that even the better could be made the best. Even after being diagnosed with Brain TB, her health conditions did not deter her from working hard and strive to achieve more and more.

There is a saying which says that “Most successful people have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them.” But for Shashi, she has developed the opportunity that was at hand. With the support of her husband, success wasn’t too far for her. The database increased, along with the orders. For this 65-year-old woman success is never final… it’s a journey not a destination.

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