Shalini Agarwal Arora

Kindness conquers all

Shalini has not only extended her helping hand towards underprivileged humans, but also opened a shelter home for animals. She runs NGOs like 'Premashram' and 'Mercy for All' that support her cause diligently.

Shalini is a person you'll never forget once you meet her. She's compassionate, brave, honest, loving, caring and hardworking. Despite all the obstacles life posed, she stood up more beautifully.

She is a social worker and is running her own NGO - 'Mercy for All.' Till date, she has saved hundreds of lives, whether be it animals or humans. Currently, all her rescued animals stay in the shelter home which she has managed to arrange. She calls it 'Premashram' - a home for all and love within. It is a home to many dogs, cats, birds, horses, cows, bulls etc. She calls them all her babies. She has helped a lot of humans too. She is kind and I am saying it on behalf of the world.

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