Reena Bordia

The ageless achiever

Reena began the courses of CA & CS at the of 42 in 2009 and completed them successfully by the age of 50 in 2017. This, despite multiple failures and challenges.

CA is one of the toughest courses of our nation and resuming studies after a gap of 25 years was not easy for her. She is originally from an Arts background, having done M. Sc. in home science from Rajasthan university in 1989.

" It was when my daughter put the idea in our head that I do CA. My husband welcomed the idea in a jiffy. I also got convinced since all I wanted to do was use my extra time effectively. CA being a cheaper course than our courses in the market, we chose CA for me. I thought I’d give CPT a shot and see if I can do it. If not, I’d leave it."

"We have only one child and since I’m very organized, neat and systematic, handling the house wasn’t much of a hassle. I had enough time to spare. Initially it was tough picking up studies after a gap of 20 years. I joined Maths tuition for CPT and it used to give some sort of vibrations in my head. But gradually things started to get manageable. My husband taught me basics of Accounting and I joined the ICAI classes for CPT. I scored 124 in CPT first attempt, which gave me a thumbs up for pursuing it."

Yes, I have faced failure in Life. Since I’m not a B.Ed, it was difficult every year to continue as a teacher. I gave 2 shots at passing the B.Ed exam but failed each time. Yes, I did face failure at CA as well. I didn’t clear IPCC in the first attempt. It took me multiple attempts which brought me with level to my daughter. We both cleared the IPCC exam in the same attempt.
My daughter and I both passed our CA final in the multiple attempts. Those two years were extremely rough for us. Failure after failure and classes after classes. Despite the continuing failures in CA final, I did not want to quit CA. I had invested too much in this. CPT, IPCC and all the hours in classes after all.

My husband supported me through out. I joined CA final classes which were daily five hours in the morning. And even CS classes were in the evening. Coming home after office to an empty house was difficult for my husband.

Another interesting event in between all this is that my in-laws (both of them) fell sick and were bed ridden in while my CA Final Group 2 was pending. I gave up everything and went to our native town in Rajasthan to attend to them. While my father in law was in the ICU/Ward, I used to study outside in the corridor, in whatever time I got.

My husband used this time very efficiently and wrote a suspense-detective fiction novel on the life of CA who solves an insurance fraud worth of Rs. 10 crores. His novel got published in February 2016 and is available on all shopping websites and Kindle.

My message to everyone:
a. Be open to learning. Learning may not degree related, but adding value to yourself every single day
b. Never belittle any living being and encourage people towards their betterment. You never know what they might be capable of.
c. And never forget my motto “Random acts of Kindness”.

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