The real fighter for education

Dr. Priyadarsini fought all odds to become a doctor. Having belonged to a poor family she worked hard to secure a scholarship and took many loans to pay for her fees. Today, she is proud to serve the poor and her country with her medical expertise.

This is my story about how I overcome all the troubles in my life to achieve my goal of becoming a ‘DOCTOR’. Now I’m ready to serve my country.

I am Priyadarsini, a 28-year old woman, born as a girl child to fight against all the battles of life. I have three siblings and I’m the second child.

My mom had to constantly struggle with poverty My mother raised us to be hardworking as well as taught us the value of education. I inherited this braveness from her.

My mom taught us that in spite of not being able to afford good clothes getting a good education is a necessity. Till I finished my schooling she raised me. After that, I worked hard and I managed to come on the merit list for a MBBS. Getting this seat was like a dream come true as we didn’t have a single rupee to pay the admission fees to get into college. So I decided that instead of trying to get admission into a private college I should try to secure a seat in a government college.

Nowadays a child’s education has become a business with many private institutions, which was the case even when I was studying. Being a merit holder and being poor, no one liked me in that institution. My struggle began when I was in the first year. Due to a delay in the scholarship, I wasn’t able to pay my first term fees on time. Hence, I wasn’t allowed to attend regular classes. My entire focus was on how to arrange for the money so that I could sit to write the exam. Due to this I lost three years, and my friends, too.

I decided to write a letter to Dr. Abdul Kalam requesting for help as he too was from a poor family yet he achieved a lot. I received a letter from him sent by his personal assistant Ponraj. I am very thankful to him for his encouraging words even though I began my struggle alone without any support in the 2nd year.

I had taken lots of loans to pay the extra fees. No one came forward to help me. Hence, due to late payment of fees, my dues increased to 12 lakhs by the time I reached the final year.

A kind hearted person gave me an internship to help me out. During my internship, many doctors appreciated my sincerity and came forward to help me overcome this financial issue. One of the gynecologists there went to talk to the Chairman regarding my financial status and requested for a reduction in fees i.e. to about 4 lakhs.

Fortunately, the remaining money I got from many anonymous sponsors. Finally, I successfully completed my course. It, however, took me 10 years and a lot of struggle to complete.

I am proud to say that in my family I am the first girl to become a doctor. I am honoured to serve my nation. At present, I still have many loans and debts to clear but I am happy to serve poor people with my services. There are still many girls and children who are struggling to survive and I feel I can do something for the poor.

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