Priya Vassoudevane

Wonder Woman

Despite being a mother of two, Priya handles both, her family and work with finesse. No wonder, both have only the best to say about her.

Entrepreneurship! One of most used keywords nowadays. There are so many new ventures and especially in IT industry it becomes a trend…

But how many businesses really sustained for a longer period? The answer is not that much encouraging… especially because a mere enthusiasm alone won’t do the job but it has to be coupled along with other key factors such as hard work, dedication, problem solving skills and so many other key traits.

vThink was started in 2011. The CEO of the company was doing an excellent job in running the business but at one point he really needed smart individuals to provide him a helping hand. For this job position, roles and responsibilities can be defined in one line, “Own it and make it happen”.

This position demands the person to play project manager role, sometimes a role of a team member, sometimes a business analyst role, sometimes business development manager role… most importantly the delivery ownership of services and products… and handling customers as part of day to day operations.

Here is an extraordinary woman; Priya Vassoudevane. Mother of two young children, she pitched in at the right time to shoulder huge responsibilities without compromising her duties as mother. She continues to exceed expectations as CIO of the company.

When it comes to doing great things, and hitting the target, it is all about full hearted effort, persistence, unmatched enthusiasm and maintaining the right temperament even in difficult situations. It is rare to see all these traits in one person. She is one of the rarest.

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