Prerana Ramesh Pathak

A Pillar of Positivity

Prerana has conquered all her setbacks with unmatched zeal and determination. She has enriched the lives of many around her and is an excellent educator.

Mrs.Prerana Pathak, MSC in Organic Chemistry, a superlative quality control manager at her first job in a factory, a well respected and adored retired Chemistry professor at Bhavans College. Also a much sought after school Chemistry teacher, a cancer survivor, a mother of two, and a loving dadi and nani. In her 67 years, she has adorned all these hats so effortlessly it's easy to bypass her achievements.

She had a promising career at a chemical factory, which she gave up for motherhood. She started a new innings as a professor in college. Teaching was in her genes and she was a natural. Soon enough, her children were the reason she started teaching school children. Not only is she magical with formulas and equations, she is also a mentor to the parents and a partner in some fun with the kids. In spite of a month long bed rest due to a fatal fall and a major surgery for her malignant cancer, she still chugs along bootstrapped, doing all her work.

At this age, she makes new friends on her morning walks. She has helped so many people- be it peons or helpers at home, postmen or anyone who wants their child to be educated. Prerana lends her helping hand to all. On any day, she is strapped from head to toe with various belts but her energy needs no support. Even now, she teaches for eight hours a day and still has energy to play with her grandchildren through the night. She has taught generations not only Chemistry, but a very lively and broad perspective of life. Her energy and zest for life and innocent and helpful nature far surpass her amazing professional achievements.

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