Durga Das

Flame to Fame

Having started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17, Durga Das is now helping other entrepreneurs as the Managing Partner of a VC firm. This journey has been full of personal and professional ups and downs which she has faced with focus and equanimity.

Going against traditional norms, there isn’t a single hurdle that Durga Das is scared to tread over. She shines out of the crowd thanks to her zeal to fight on. Holding the position of a Managing Partner at Das Star Ventures, which is the helping hand behind several start-ups such as like Wassup Laundry, Chehara, Supra Energy and many more, the company rose for the sole purpose of facilitating and stimulating new and young entrepreneurs.

A wonder woman in true sense, Das has made sure that she explores each avenue of life and has made it a point to inculcate her hobbies into her life as well. From playing cricket as Captain of Unites States of America Cricket and golf to riding her Harley Davidson, Durga Das is not just an iron woman but also knows how to balance out life with work. Along with a multitude of talents Das is also on her way towards the completion of two books and enjoys writing music and playing her guitar in her spare time, and her share of hobbies don’t end there either; the list goes on and on.

But before expanding and growing in every direction and gaining the power to provide momentum to other struggling entrepreneurs, Das had faced her own share of obstacles. “My biggest challenge has been keeping my faith in humanity and continuing to take a higher path” says Das as she recalls all her struggles. What triggered the entrepreneur in her was the inability to pay the school fees for her sisters and herself after her father had an accident and the family lost all of their wealth. She passed a timber merchant on her way home from school and realised that she could sell some trees from her garden. She called for the merchant, sold a few trees and paid the fees. Das started working at age of 14 and it all started off with a small sports shop on of the Chennai Beaches, but even then she was no ordinary shop owner as she even played cricket at the national level at the same time. At the age of 17 she opened up her own advertising agency and by the time she was 20, she felt like she had a good standing but soon her life seemed to go downhill. With personal hurdles such as the loss of a parent and facing health problems herself along with economic instability, Das strove to get better at her game as an entrepreneur and refused to give up. With setback as great as this she wandered off in search of meaning and remained a hippy for a year doing odd jobs from being a maid to a waitress, even a forklift operator! After a period of 20 years in technology based ventures, somewhere between shuttling from USA to India, Durga started Das Star Ventures.

With a threat of constant insecurities and fears, Durga managed to come out of it all to start her own venture, irrespective of all that she had faced. Having led her life through a series of ups and downs, she has only one thing to regard for her success at Das Star Ventures. When asked how how she manages to do so many things, “I don’t do so many things. I only do one thing at a time. It is about your complete focus to the task at hand” Laying emphasis on focus has taking Durga to a new height and today she’s running her company like one would run a family. “I’m happy to say that my brief experiences of a higher truth has helped me keep the faith” says Durga with respect to where her experiences have made her reach.

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