Mrs. Sadhna Jee

No Stranger to Struggles

Since childhood, almost every step of Sadhna’s life presented her with a new struggle. But she never gave up.

A girl child was born in a well educated family. She played with her siblings and grew up like anybody else. She has three sisters and three brothers.
When her youngest brother was born, she was only nine years old at that time, but took responsibility for him. She played with him like friend, she educated him like a teacher, she pampered him like a mother, she did everything for him just as her parents would.
2-3 years later, when her youngest sister was born, Sadhna adopted the same role for her. She was around 11 years old at the time.
As time passed by, she studied in a government school. Her father was a very ethical and honest government employee (Civil Eng.), the only source of income in her big family.
After her matriculation examinations, she decided to support her family financially, but it was not easy in that era (1980), due to so many social hurdles for girls. But her decision was strong and nothing was impossible if she set her mind to it. Finally, she received the permission from her family to do a job.
She joined a government job in the irrigation department.
Then, her family got some support, financially. Her father never asked for anything from her, but she always tried to support in different ways, like buying clothes for her brothers and sisters. Overall, her father never told her, but it was the truth, that family got some financial relief because of her.
When she was all grown up, her parents found a good boy for her, whom she married. After some years of marriage, she gave the birth to a beautiful child- me. After 1 year and 4 months, another angel took birth in this world- my brother.
This was a turning point of her life, she turned from struggle to struggle. Due to some family issues, she and her husband separated from their family along with their tiny tots and started living in a rented house. Soon, she came to know that her husband was suffering from a killer disease called Diabetes, after which, she began to take extra care of her husband. Time passed by with lots of difficulties. Slowly - Slowly, her husband lost control over his kidneys and eyes.
Her husband was on dialysis, she decided to give him one of her kidneys. The next day, early in the morning, when they had to travel to the capital of the country for a risky operation for a kidney transplant, her husband passed away at
She was faced with another hurdle, she now had to take care of her innocent children on her own. But she did not lose her will, she decided that she'd live for her children and fulfil her husband's dream to give them a good life. But another trouble followed, and she was made to leave the house, 15 days after her husband’s death. She started teaching in a private school at a low salary, she worked and tutored some children from her colony, in order to provide for her children.
She tried to give them everything they needed, tried to get them educated and to socialize. She played the role of mother, father, sister, friend, brother, or everybody whose role is important in a child’s life.
Now, she thinks that the struggle may be over as her children now have a good position in society, her elder son is now a politician, interviewer, and writer, while her younger child is an acoustic engineer and interior designer.
Both are enjoying their life, earning a handsome amount, doing everything they want to, freely.
But their mother, still struggles, still teaches in a private school, still makes her home, still thinks of her children every time. She received some happiness from life and lots of struggles, we don't know the struggles will ever end, or if her life will end before her struggles.

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