Khushali Oza

Powering Ahead Through It All

Although she has faced challenges at almost every stage so far, Khushali overcame them to achieve a great deal.

KhushaliOza was happy in her small family in Mumbai, with her mom and dad. However, when her partents separated, she had to move to Rajkot and begin her school studies at Rajkot with a feeling of having an incomplete family. Her mom took up the job of a school teacher to earn her livelihood. Being alone most of the time turned her into an introverted and shy girl, who hesitated to make friends.

She started growing up , finding herself in court a number of times, being asked questions about her parents and which of them she wanted to live with. She used to cry at night, wondering if it was her fault that caused her to have only a single parent. Later, she stated conducting her independent tuitions and stated earning a little. She started getting better at studies, pursued CA, cleared exams at the first attempt, and also completed her graduation with first class.

The twist in the story was waiting here. When she was 22, an old friend of her mom’s father, suddenly came up with a marriage proposal for her mom... On November 28, 2002, her mother got remarried and started a new life. Khushali was a little upset at the beginning , but later on started accepting the fact and having a cordial relationship with the new family. She realized what a father’s love is, how sisters are, brothers are, chachu, chachi, and bua. The whole family started loving this innocent girl, and to her surprise, she fit in the new family as if she was born and brought up there.

She completed her post graduation and started taking lectures in a college as she had a good command over the subjects and reputation as an intelligent girl. She started earning a good amount at the age of 24. Started her own coaching class and geared up her career. Then at the age of 25, she suffered from falciparum malaria and doctors warned her family of her low chances of survival. But to everyone’s surprise, she survived due to her sheer will power. At the age of 27, she suffered from slip disc and was in bed for 6 months, was depressed as she lost her will to walk to stand in her life. But gradually recovered from that as well.

She had an arranged marriage at the age of 28 with a Pune based IT engineer. A very decent and silent guy. Coming and settling all the way from Rajkot to Pune with no relatives or friends in this new place of Pune was little scary. Yet, she not only adjusted to the new place, but also earned name, fame and money in Pune. She did her M.Phil and UGC NET from Pune and got a professor’s job at Pune’s prestigious MIT college. She received the ‘Best faculty’ award from the institution, for two years in a row.

She got pregnant and around the same time the college was expecting a NAAC peer team for the college’s grade. She was in her third trimester and was the HOD of senior college. She was allotted the task of compiling and creating the files, documents, and presentation for NAAC. Being seven months pregnant, she did an excellent job and helped the college secure an ‘A’ grade from NAAC. MIT college felicitated her for her unbelievable achievement. She published four textbooks for T.Y.B.Com in the year 2010, along with many research papers in national and international journals. She has organised and hosted many shows and has been invited as a judge at many events. She is currently working as the HOD of PGDM at Suryadatta college of Management and Mass Communication.

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