Anju Kandhari

My Inspiration, My Mom

Anju Kandhari never lost hope when she had to feed her children after their father's demise. She never lost her will to live and work even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I would like to share the story of my mother who went through many difficulties in life but never gave up. After my father passed, we had no source of income. We are three brothers and two sisters studying at that time. All were into professional courses and it was difficult for my mother to handle this situation. However, she never gave up.

I being the eldest finished my B. Tech and did not get a job on time. My younger brother finished his course of hotel management and did not join the job just because he could not leave my mother. Then my mother decided to run PG to keep her busy and manage fee for others. Everything started going well but one day we came to know that our mother is suffering from Breast cancer. She complained of pain. We visited the gynaecologist but the doctor was not able to diagnose her cancer initially. The doctor prescribed medicines for the swelling. She always felt better after having medicines and kept running her PG. Meanwhile, her cancer grew. No one of us was aware of this. One day she felt severe pain in her breast and then we ran to the hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer after going through biopsy twice. It was stage four cancer which infected her lungs.

She did not give hope and still ran the PG. Then my brothers took a decision to stop PG work. We completed our education. My sister left her job just to take care of our mother. Mother went through chemotherapy. It was hard for her but she was positive and she started recovering. After the chemotherapy, she is on oral medicine now. She is the one who inspires us and made us learn to never give up hope and always be positive in all situations. God help those who help themselves. She still keeps herself busy in household work. Thank you, God, for giving us such a wonderful mom.

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